A luxury, adult care, retirement facility in Thailand

Care Resort Chiang Mai is a luxury adult care retirement facility in Thailand. The resort provides both 'independent living with care' and 'close care' with on-site nursing and care support. The main languages spoken in the seniors care facility are English and Thai. Our aim is to give a quality of life; a piece of luxury, to those who require more care in their later life. The provision of retirement care in Thailand may be more affordable than you think, in a country renowned for its high class, cost-effective medical services. We have opened this resort is to provide a good level of luxury and comfort - a level of comfort that people deserve but not be able to obtain. The resort has a small Alzheimer's care facility
Everybody is an Individual

We recognise people's huge individuality, so our services can be tailored to meet your requirements in terms of both accommodation and care. Independent accommodation is in beautiful villas set throughout the gardens each with alarms to our central nursing/care station. We provide some disabled-accessible villas and facilities. We provide short and long stay solutions. Our boutique dementia/Alzheimer's facility is self-contained to provide the necessary high level of individual care.
  Community, Activities
and Excursions

A successful retirement facility is not merely about the care support given. Its success also lies in the variety of activities available for its guests and building a community amongst those at the resort, both carers and guests. As resort has massive gardens containing more than 1,000 trees and a lake, it is a fantastic place to walk and relax. Inside we have a guest lounge where we organise a variety of activities. We have many excursions for shopping, religious services, sightseeing and understanding the local community.

  Care Resort Chiang Mai
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